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Creative Commons @ Shine - 8B

Date: 2006-03-09 11:43
Subject: Creative Commons @ Shine
Security: Public
Apropos of nothing I dropped in on the Creative Commons Salon last night at Shine. There were maybe a dozen people milling about when I got there at 6:30, but within the time it took me to drink a couple vodka-sodas-with-limes (not long, granted) the place was close to capacity. The presentations weren't exactly polished—the accompanying sound of the content projected off the 3 speaker's laptops could only be piped into the house mains by holding a mic to the keyboard—but overall it was encouraging to see how much enthusiasm there is around the CC org's pioneering efforts.

Trip (co-owner of Shine and Sauce) wasn't expecting the draw to be as large as it was, and the bar staff had to make frequent forays for the empty pint glasses to meet demand. The Creative Commons crowd is also a beer crowd, apparently.

I was expecting to sit alone on a barstool for most of the event since I'd come alone, but then I ran into James P., formerly of False Profit, and we caught up. He's running a music licensing and distribution company called Fake Science, which also has a podcast I intend to check out later today.
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